Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traditional and Modern weapons

want to talk about Traditional and Modern weapons Saber, one of the weapons of the Dayak tribe in the Borneo Island. This weapon is one of the many traditional weapons Indonesia. And many other traditional weapons weapons weapons that taste of Indonesia, it's just saber one of them which I will explain. Saber used by the Dayak tribe in ancient times as a weapon to fight. Saber existence as a traditional weapon Indonesia itself has a very long owned by the Dayak tribe. Besides being used for war, Saber is also used for other purposes related to the tooling of the kingdom. In its function to attack the enemies of the kingdom, the traditional weapon Indonesia typical Dayak tribe is usually laced with poison before battle so that the opponent is more easily killed instantly when attacked by Saber. However, over time, Saber function as traditional senajata Indonesia also began to change. Of arms that serves as a tool to fight against the enemies of the kingdom, Saber converted to a tool used for hunting. Even today, the traditional weapon Indonesia typical Dayak tribe is often used as accessories for the dancers who brought the war dance. This dance is used in traditional ceremonies of the Dayak. The Dayak community considers Mandau as traditional weapons because of their tribe has a specific and unique characteristics in terms of its shape. Therefore, today, many people who hunt for Indonesia's traditional weapons as souvenirs or typical souvenirs that can be taken if a vacation home (or work) from Borneo. And for many modern weapons of various kinds of weapons pistol, basoka to nuclear bombs, we will also introduce modern weapons to protect themselves from crime on the streets of stun gun. This tool will work really well especially of course to keep yourself from crime.

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