Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traditional and Modern weapons

want to talk about Traditional and Modern weapons Saber, one of the weapons of the Dayak tribe in the Borneo Island. This weapon is one of the many traditional weapons Indonesia. And many other traditional weapons weapons weapons that taste of Indonesia, it's just saber one of them which I will explain. Saber used by the Dayak tribe in ancient times as a weapon to fight. Saber existence as a traditional weapon Indonesia itself has a very long owned by the Dayak tribe. Besides being used for war, Saber is also used for other purposes related to the tooling of the kingdom. In its function to attack the enemies of the kingdom, the traditional weapon Indonesia typical Dayak tribe is usually laced with poison before battle so that the opponent is more easily killed instantly when attacked by Saber. However, over time, Saber function as traditional senajata Indonesia also began to change. Of arms that serves as a tool to fight against the enemies of the kingdom, Saber converted to a tool used for hunting. Even today, the traditional weapon Indonesia typical Dayak tribe is often used as accessories for the dancers who brought the war dance. This dance is used in traditional ceremonies of the Dayak. The Dayak community considers Mandau as traditional weapons because of their tribe has a specific and unique characteristics in terms of its shape. Therefore, today, many people who hunt for Indonesia's traditional weapons as souvenirs or typical souvenirs that can be taken if a vacation home (or work) from Borneo. And for many modern weapons of various kinds of weapons pistol, basoka to nuclear bombs, we will also introduce modern weapons to protect themselves from crime on the streets of stun gun. This tool will work really well especially of course to keep yourself from crime.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Evil in Android applications soar 100%!

The number of Android applications that contain malicious programs (malware) reported increased 100%, or twice in less than 6 months.

The report found security firm Lookout, rogue Android applications at this time the number had increased to 1,000 applications. Most applications are suspicious was found on third-party application store, but some are infiltrated in the Android Market which is the official Android application store.

Android users increasingly vulnerable to the risk of clicking on links that redirect to malware or phishing sites access (information theft). "The possibility of a user clicks on the link is not secure Android globally, this year increased 36 percent. This is six percent higher than last July," the report said.

Reported by Cnet Wednesday (14.12.2011), Lookout also detect an increased number of mobile 'pickpocketing', ie applications and malware that secretly charge huge fees to the owners of mobile phones, including premium SMS subscription service without the knowledge of the user.

There are also applications that pretend as wallpaper or a game for free but hides terms of service that allows the creator of the malicious application to impose the cost of expensive SMS.

Lookout predict, the threat of this kind will continue to increase. Among others, the use of mobile phones as a botnet to send spam and steal data, malware that exploit loopholes in the mobile operating system, browser-based attacks, malware is hiding behind mobile advertising and others.

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Skype for Android Can Submit Pictures and Video

Not long ago the latest version of Skype for Android has been released. Some of the ease presented in its version 2.6, including the ease of sharing content.

Here, users can instantly share photos, videos and other files directly via Skype app for Android 2.6. This update also promises battery life is longer and improved video quality on NVIDIA Tegra devices 2.

Devices that use the processor include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom and Acer Iconia Tab. The presence of video calling service is still limited but Skype said it will resume the trial and the support to the devices Tuesday.

Some of the latest mobile phones have entered the list of Skype to be visited include Amaze 4G HTC and Motorola Razr Droid. When seen, almost all devices that use the Android 2.2 Froyo or above, can try Skype video calling feature.

When diliihat from the screenshot, this application looks quite simple and familiar to those who are already accustomed to using Skype.

Skype's application is presented free of charge, but users must use 3G services when not connected to WiFi. from SlashGear, Wednesday (12/14/2011), Skype for Android 2.6 now available for download on Android Market.

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