Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Evil in Android applications soar 100%!

The number of Android applications that contain malicious programs (malware) reported increased 100%, or twice in less than 6 months.

The report found security firm Lookout, rogue Android applications at this time the number had increased to 1,000 applications. Most applications are suspicious was found on third-party application store, but some are infiltrated in the Android Market which is the official Android application store.

Android users increasingly vulnerable to the risk of clicking on links that redirect to malware or phishing sites access (information theft). "The possibility of a user clicks on the link is not secure Android globally, this year increased 36 percent. This is six percent higher than last July," the report said.

Reported by Cnet Wednesday (14.12.2011), Lookout also detect an increased number of mobile 'pickpocketing', ie applications and malware that secretly charge huge fees to the owners of mobile phones, including premium SMS subscription service without the knowledge of the user.

There are also applications that pretend as wallpaper or a game for free but hides terms of service that allows the creator of the malicious application to impose the cost of expensive SMS.

Lookout predict, the threat of this kind will continue to increase. Among others, the use of mobile phones as a botnet to send spam and steal data, malware that exploit loopholes in the mobile operating system, browser-based attacks, malware is hiding behind mobile advertising and others.

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