Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Video Aplication For Mobile

Video Messaging Service (VMS) is a technology to send video messages via mobile phone for Smartphone users without having to worry about the cost of credit because the VMS application is a FREE service. With VMS you get an easy and fun way to share special moments and stay in touch with friends and family.

Using innovative technology VMS, you can send and receive high-quality video messages for FREE without losing any time to upload to external sites, and no use of unnecessary phone memory.

Capture the moment with video recording using only your Smartphone and share with anyone your contacts in the phone book. In just a few minutes, they could "see what you're saying!"

FREE video applications for smartphones can be downloaded for FREE from the Blackberry Application World, Android Market or the App Store.

For 3G mobile users, can access the VMS by press 336 select video call from your 3G phone.

For direct download Smartphone users can click the link below:

Blackberry: / mm (other operators)

iPhone: iTMS: / / mt = 8

Please refer to VMS Premium Content and select who you want to subscribe. Many Celebrities like to share a secret with you, and will give tips on the best motivator. Choice is yours!

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  1. Luar biasa pak raka zip...bagi2 ilmunya ya...mantep dah blognya...