Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hundreds of Applications Ready for Windows 7 Phone Born in ITB

Microsoft Innovation Center Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB-MIC) working closely with Microsoft Indonesia, Navcore Nextology and Nokia are targeting to make approximately 200 mobile applications based on Windows Phone 7 global standard.

Hundreds of these applications will be produced in a workshop titled MIC-ITB Code Camp 2011 | Windows Phone 7, followed by 230 information technology practitioners, students, activists and mobile technology.

Training with participants making mobile applications that claimed the largest in Indonesia took place at ITB event between November 22 to 24 2011di Digital Media Festival 2011.

"This workshop is an attractive practical learning about the latest mobile technology development," said Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto, MIC-in the event the Manager ITB ITB Digital Media Festival, in his statement Wednesday (23/11/2011).

Hundreds of applications resulting from this workshop is targeted to penetrate the Windows Phone Marketplace is expected to grow, especially after the presence of Windows Phone 7 Mango Series.

Based on the results of Appcelerator and IDC research, application developers claimed to be more interested in developing mobile applications based on Windows Phone operating system than ever before.

As many as 38 percent of 2160 worldwide application developers surveyed indicated very interested in developing applications in Windows Phone.

Automatically, the increasing market needs for new applications and games is an opportunity for developers, including novice developers, to introduce its products in the market.

In this workshop, participants are taught methods of application and game development in a cost efficient by making use of cloud computing.

"Participants were also taught how to sell the resulting applications and games," said Ary.

Currently, the number of mobile applications is still in the range of hundreds of thousands and is expected to continue to grow as more and merakyatnya smartphone.

Apple introduced the App Store since 2008 has collected 500 thousand applications until October 2011. The Android Market was released in 2008 has collected 300 thousand applications. Windows Phone Marketplace which was introduced in October 2010 already mengolekasi 40 thousand more than 10 thousand corporate application developers around the world.

Ary pointed out, application developers and gaming Indonesia has the ability to compete with applications and games from abroad. This can be seen from the increasing number of applications and games from developers Indonesia circulating in the market.


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