Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'Twins' Twitter of China Great Success

Weibo is a local networking site in China that is similar to Twitter. Weibo recently emerged apparently very popular in the Bamboo Curtain country and used by foreign companies in there for promotion.

from the Telegraph, Thursday (24/11/2011), Weibo introduced in August 2009. Currently the number of members about 300 million. The foreign companies began to use Weibo to promote their products.

Researchers from the China Market Research Group interviewed the consumers of media in China. The result is more and more people in the age group 18-32 years using Weibo to get various information.

As a result a variety of snapper foreign companies operating in China was put on Weibo to reach consumers. Such as Coca Cola, Unilever, and Louis Vuitton.

"Weibo China has changed how people get and share information. We are now communicating with more than 2.4 million fans in Weibo every day," said Joanna Price, a spokesman for Coca Cola.

Weibo success may not be separated from diblokirnya Twitter in China. But perhaps also because, Weibo is a good product.

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