Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sluggish BlackBerry, RIM stock tumbles at Lowest Point

Performance Research In Motion (RIM) on the trading floor was unsteady. Even in Wednesday trading, shares of BlackBerry manufacturer was down 2.5% so that now the price were at $ 15 per share.

RIM condition is of course somewhat apprehensive. The reason, according to MarketWatch, the value of their shares are now at their lowest since mid-2004.

Quoted from ZDNet, Thursday (12/15/2011), the analysts assess that the negative performance of stock Canadian vendor was not separated from the sluggish sales of the BlackBerry as a whole.

Indeed, in some countries - like Indonesia - BlackBerry still be one of the popular gadgets. But when it comes to global, slowly handset which is famous for its fuel features is said to be overshadowed from the iPhone and Android devices.

The condition is exacerbated by the drop in sales of the BlackBerry Playbook far from expectations due to not compete with iPad cs. As a result, RIM also have to bear the losses reported USD 485 million or around Rp 4.3 trillion from its tablet PC's.

The reason is, Playbook produced far more than the number of units sold. So the prime stock of RIM's tablet is still piling up.

RIM itself has not officially respond to it in this regard. But Alex Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations & Ecosystem Development RIM has previously argued that the sluggish newspaper BlackBerry enthusiasts is just a myth. Because based on data owned by RIM, the number of BlackBerry users continues to increase each year.

"BlackBerry users down? It's just a myth. There are 70 million BlackBerry users that are currently active, 20 million more than the previous year," Saunders claims, on the sidelines of the event BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 held in Singapore, some time ago.

source : marketwatch

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