Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rival Facebook, Microsoft Make Social Networking?

After Google +, there are other social networking is touted to rival Facebook. Socl, thus the name of social networking, developed by Microsoft and has a structure similar to Google +.

Many questioned the truth of who leaked this information. Is social networking Socl serious tilled for launch, or just the internal design of Microsoft Research project?

Slash Gear reports that detikinet on Wednesday (11/16/2011) mentioned, the site is located at apparently inadvertently publicized by Microsoft Research. Other sources mention, screenshots showing the site description that Socl is a pilot project which will be further developed.
" is the internal design of the project from one of the research team at Microsoft is due to an error, it has been publicized by accident. We have no further information at this time," according to Microsoft's official statement on the site.

Description, along with his screenshots taken at the time socl still be opened. Now, the address will display an error message when accessed. However, some blogs and tech sites could perpetuate 'sightings' is.

In another statement, the project was originally called Tulalip. Users can sign in using your Facebook account or Twitter. In fact, the site never functioned. Reportedly, there will be further development on that platform.

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