Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Practical History of Mobile Sharing, From the Infrared to the NFC

The year was 1997, Nokia has just released a product with the name of the catalog code 6110 is to bring innovation in the infrared tech mobile game Snake game of his. Unique technology that is used practically for all these circles instantly exploded in the world and be a marker for the start of its popular mobile linimasa sharing. Nokia plant's infrared devices via its real function; file sharing and network games.

Infrared radiation was first discovered by William Harschel, a German-born astronomer, in 1800 through a process that is not accidental. William saw the temperature around the filter red prism held even hotter. Provisional conclusion that time, there is an invisible electromagnetic light in each spectrum. If it sounds too technical, the practical functions, the technology is eventually developed into the thermographic, a special camera to see warmer temperatures. In the world of telecommunications, infrared was developed as a liaison antarperangkat short stroll through the LEDs are grown. The international standard communication protocol is patented with the name of the Infrared Data Association.
Along with the needs of a growing file sharing, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, and Toshiba agreed to together build a Bluetooth in their devices. The technology itself was developed in 1994 Ericsson to make mobile sharing to be faster and execute accommodative sized data (somewhat) big. If the infrared requires us to put every device in close proximity at all to send data, Bluetooth can be more flexible. The distance could be further antarperangkat with significant data transmission speeds. Bluetooth uses a special radio frequency to transmit data more effectively than infrared. Apple is modifying the technology is so exclusive only able to connect the devices only.
Other technologies began to be present and applied in a variety of mobile devices: Wi-Fi. Continuing its predecessor, Wi-Fi has a higher performance. Longer distances and higher speeds in excess of the mechanism of sending data is Wi-Fi. This technology was developed since 1985 by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Although early, Wi-Fi function among practically felt by the end of the 90's as an outgrowth of the blueprints called IEEE 802.11. Now you can play games on many devices with wireless technologies rely on this.
One of the youngest technology present today is Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows users to send files to each other without wires and playing games with the same level of security over its predecessors. NFC is developed by NXP Semiconductors and Sony in 2002 that was originally used as an intermediary payment system in the United States. The use of NFC can be incorporated with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in accordance with the functionality and speed required. On a practical level, the Nokia 700 already planted NFC chip for gaming and file sharing connections by simply touching to other NFC devices.

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