Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Most Expensive Mobile!

Mobile've finished goods a million people, no longer belong to a handful of people. Period? Mobile-phone under could be the exception, because only the bourgeoisie who can afford it.

1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($ 1.3 million)
Casing using platinum and studded with diamonds as many as 50 pieces, and in it there were 10 known rare blue diamond! Some parts even made ​​of 18 carat gold!

2. "Le Million de la Nuit" ($ 1 million)
Produced by GoldVish. Available in 15 models, differs in the use of diamonds. The average is made with 140 grams of gold.

3. Sweden had a smartphone ($ 300 thousand)
Using Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. 400Mhz Intel XScale CPU, 4MP camera, plus a touch screen and is equipped with SIP VOIP technology, Wi-Fi 802.11g. It features, this phone there are only 5 units worldwide.
For its PIC yg gw nga dapet2 gan ... if yes add the info there ...

4. Motorola SLVR L7 Diamond ($ 75 thousand)
Exclusive version of the RAZR or SLVR. The difference is there in 260 diamonds that adorn bodynya.

5. Nokia Vertu Luxury Phone (above $ 10 thousand)
Handphonenya the nobility and the artist. Already there are some celebrities who use this phone, such as David Beckham, Tom Ford, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The fifth sorry no pictures

source kaskus

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