Friday, September 30, 2011

Freco, references to Find the Goods or Services

The development of information technology and telecommunications provide convenience for the user to access various information. However, in accessing information, it is not easy to obtain information as needed.

Seeing this condition, Sukses Makmur PT Lucky (MSUN), launched a website (freco is short for friend's recommendation). This site was pioneered R. Ari Sudradjat, Herjuno Wahyu Aji, and Anton Nasser since late April 2011.

The reason for setting up three of these sites is that people get better choices before they purchase goods or.

"Hopefully, can be used as a reference container for people to make choices when purchasing goods or services," said R. Ari Sudradjat, Managing Director of MSUN who claims to have invested U.S. $ 40 thousand for the site.

How it works, says Ari, when the user will purchase goods or services, they just insert your keywords into After that, Freco will display the goods or services recommended by a friend the person concerned. The existing data on the data provided Freco other users based on their own experience.

"Freco main strength is that the recommendations sought by the user will be resolved on the basis of friendship Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and others," said Ari. "So, the result of recommendations from friends or family who will appear at the top," he said.

Since the path taken from the automatic friendship friendship site user, Ari claims, the recommendations derived from the experiences of friends or people who have tried to make the search results for goods or services will be guaranteed quality.

Even to get recommendations also interviewed celebrities or famous people to give recommendations, in order to be a reference value for the people who are looking for a reference.

Currently Freco can be accessed for free. For income, later the site will rely on advertising and partnership working with ad networks like Google Adsense, Admob, BuzzCity and others.

"Advertisers will have two options that pay for impressions (CPM) or click to pay for its value range around $ 0.02 - 0.06 per click," said Ari. "In business, if it is a lot of visitors will be the source of his income comes from advertising," he said.

So far, Ari says, from statistical data, recommendation sites that already have 25,928 pages had been visited by as many as 100,560 times.
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