Friday, September 30, 2011

Photography Exhibition degree iPhonesia Apple

iPhonesia, short iDevice Indonesia Photographer iDevice is a community-based photography, photography with devices such as iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Located at Plaza Indonesia Extension Ex Atrium and Atrium, Jakarta, took telecommunications operator XL, the community held an exhibition titled foto Indonesia Through My iPhone.

Interestingly, photographs of works of lovers of Apple products on display from 29 September to 2 October 2011 was also sold at fixed prices, Rp1 million. But the sale will be donated to charity.

"In this exhibition, the photographs which included a photo taken with the Apple device. Photos with other cameras such as SLR cameras can also participate, but the conditions must be processed first using iDevices those, "Lukman said Aries, founder iPhonesia in Jakarta, 30 September 2011.

Aries said, from about 1000 photos that come to be selected, the jury to filter out up to 100 photos on display. "In addition to charity, with exhibitions such as this we also want to point out that with phones like the iPhone's camera, photos can be enlarged and the results still remain good," he said.

Although first-time event like this held, according to Aries, welcome from the community iPhonesia photography lovers or very good overall. "As proof, the first night of the exhibition, already there are 35 pictures were sold. We are optimistic can sell up to the closure of 100 photos later, "said Aries which states that in the future, this event will be held on a regular basis.

On the other hand, the XL as one of carriers who also held the iPhone and iPad products in the country is very supportive of a positive agenda undertaken by the community like this.

"We assess the need to support the community like this in order to better know and understand about what is happening in the community," said Handono Warih, General Manager of Channel Development Service Data, XL on the same occasion.

Moreover, said Warih, the number of users iDevices both iPhone and iPad iPad or 2 on the XL network increased rapidly. "Although we have not long to bring the iPhone and iPad, now there are 55 thousand and 14 thousand iPhone customers who use iPad XL customers," he said.

However, Warih said, holding a community like iPhonesia not just do this once. "When the BlackBerry was present and later Android also appears, we are also close to the community. This we do to build an ecosystem, "he said.

"For example, before the iPhone 4 launch, we also took a local developer, either already working with Apple or who have not, to develop applications," said Warih. "And when the iPhone 4 marketed in Indonesia, the local content already planted there," said Warih.

Step this way, according to Warih, is also one of XL's efforts to encourage the growth of local content and application developers. "For developers who do not already have a relationship with Apple, we were also able to bridge," he said. (Adi)
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Photography Exhibition degree iPhonesia Apple
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