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Visit the Not Compete, Yahoo will be for sale?

After firing its CEO, Carol Bartz, Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Yesterday, Yahoo was mentioned to be sold. Current owners will let the owner fix the problem next Yahoo! continue convolute's leading Internet company.

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, September 7, 2011, the Board of Commissioners Yahoo! vividly revealed the plan after firing Bartz over the phone. "Yahoo! will be sold to those proposed offer price is right," said one member of the Board of Commissioners to the Wall Street Journal.

This step is considered the right choice so that Yahoo! can return to compete with other major sites. Google and Facebook, for instance, who was born after the current Yahoo! have run faster, while Yahoo! left without innovation.

"I think this is the right step, but unfortunately, a year late. Yahoo! Business is already damaged," said Trip Chowdry, an analyst at Global Equity Research, as quoted by CNN.

The problem now is how to find the right buyer. CNN reported, three years ago, Microsoft had offered Yahoo! a price of U.S. $ 47 billion or about Rp401 trillion. But, due to declining performance, the price of Yahoo on the market today only about U.S. $ 17 billion, or about Rp145 trillion.

Melorotnya prices that became one of the reasons the Board of Commissioners Bartz Yahoo firing. In addition to no innovation, Yahoo has been declared unable to compete to attract big advertisers. This led to the loss of investor confidence in Yahoo, in particular the Chinese and Japanese investors. In addition, Yahoo considered an Internet company without a clear vision.

Dismissal Bartz bit much effect on prices in the stock market Yahoo!. After the dismissal was announced, shares Yahoo! rose 4 percent in trading Wednesday afternoon yesterday, to U.S. $ 13.50. However, Yahoo need more than that. Currently they need a new CEO who can lift back the fame name Yahoo.

"We recommend that the Board of Commissioners reached an agreement to sell all or part of this company before I was appointed the new CEO," said Youssef Squali, analyst at Jefferies & Co.., Which also estimates the stock price Yahoo! is ideal for between $ 18 to $ 20.


According to some observers, especially during the last 6 years, Yahoo has changed the company's leading provider of information technology into one company that is difficult to compete with competitors.

As an illustration, not long after they offer free email service, in 2005 it bought the giant Internet service provider site Flickr images. This step is followed release of Yahoo's 360, featured blog social networking services, instant messaging, Internet radio, and others.

They then added additional content ranging from feature for shopping, news, television schedules, horoscopes and other large umbrella into Yahoo. The interface changed from a simple search engine into a complete site that has content ranging from news, celebrity information, advertisements, and other multimedia.

In September 2007, Yahoo announced they were preparing Mash, a social networking site open. At this point, all the daily needs of Internet users seem to have a complete online Yahoo provided. Then, what makes it abandoned the user?


As the largest competitor Yahoo, Google's competitors seem to follow the steps. If Yahoo! buy Flickr, Google bought Picasa. If Yahoo! have a blog in Yahoo 360, Google bought Blogger. Google's design team then created a Google Mail and Google Chat can be used simply by logging into GMail account. GMail login can also be used to take advantage of other Google services.

Google then bought a leading provider of video content, YouTube and Google Docs continues to present. From the search engine, Google also complement their search pages are blank by adding iGoogle features that can be modified as desired.

When competitors to expand, slowly, one by one Yahoo! services can not compete. Yahoo! 360 sunk by the popularity of WordPress is an open community that continues to bring the plugins, widgets, and themes that are inexhaustible.

Bloggers who already owned by Google and then integrating the social element of sharing and themes that can be user modified. Slumped by WordPress and Blogger, Tumblr blog format and then held an open-sharing of increasingly drowned Yahoo! 360. May 2008, this service was closed.

Steve Woods, the Internet analyst at Technorati mentions, in terms of social networking, Mash, the social networking service that prepared Yahoo! never made it to beta. While outside, rolled up and the Internet then dimarakkan by Twitter. Google is less successful with Google + Buzz then presents a pretty good response.

Microsoft, which began to enjoy Yahoo's search market using technology in their Bing services, began working with Facebook. Twitter appears to have started to integrate themselves with the latest Apple operating system.

Seeing this condition, it appears Yahoo has no chance at social networking. The growth of Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Tulalip, social networking projects are being developed as well as Microsoft's quest to make the fight take place in social media without Yahoo.

Although Jerry Yang, co-founder and former Director and Chief Executive Officer Yahoo! has clarified on all 13,500 employees Yahoo! that the company had not sold, but it seems they should immediately seek potential buyers. If it does not dump the whole enterprise, at least they need to sell business units less than the maximum manageable. (Np)
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