Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The first mobile phone

Mobile phones have brought a dramatic change for the communications industry. The development of mobile phones have made communication

remotely a matter of seconds. Who is the genius to create the first mobile phone and when was it created?

Phone cellular discovered in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee. On April 3, 1973,

The first cell phone call was made. Callers of course, Dr. Cooper himself. Recipient of the first phone call is

Joel Angel, head of research at AT & T Bell Labs and a rival of Dr. Cooper.

History of Mobile Phones

Before the development of mobile phones, people use two-way radios to communicate while they are moving. The idea

behind two-way radios cell phone discovery raises. During the 1940's, Motorola has come up with a walkie

Walkie-followed by a two-way handheld radios that operate on battery power.

In 1947, Douglas W. Rae Ring and the young at Bell Labs introduced the idea of ​​hexagonal cells for mobile phones.

Philip Porter at Bell Labs came up with the idea that cell towers should be at the corner of hexagonal cells and not in

their centers. He also suggested that cell towers should have a directional antenna.

Ericsson comes with an automatic mobile telephone system, which was released in Sweden in 1956. This is known as

MTA and does not require manual control. The weakness of this system is that the phone weighs 40 kg. Year 1965

witnessed the introduction of mobile phone technology which was revised based on DTMF signaling and the use of mobile phones

lighter. Until 1970, the phone must remain in the area of ​​their cells and no way to proceed

communication while switching between the cell area. Handoff system call that allows users to move through

different cell areas appeared only in 1970. The discovery was attributed to Amos E. Joel, Jr., a

Bell Labs engineer. ARP network in Finland, founded in 1971, boasts a telephone network

The first commercially successful provider. You may want to know more about the evolution of mobile phone technology.
by Manali Oak

and now cell phones have evolved far from the usual operating system to operating system Android.
competition among mobile phone makers are increasingly hot, and so did the competition operator followed by

various promotions and a variety of user packets.

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