Friday, September 30, 2011

GPS For Your Car it's simple

Now driving a safer car with a GPS (Global Positioning System), because there is no such thing as the wrong road trip, the GPS is not just as a guide when we are on the way there were several other tables of functions, continues to how to run a tool that , we see that below
- Run the vehicle and make sure that the signal can still be caught by either.

- Plan how the naming of waypoints (coordinates) that you will save. My habit is to call the gas station with the suffix 'f' (fuel) and an intersection with a 'c'. Behind serial number, if multiple. Suppose: bogorf (gas stations around Bogor), ciamisc4 (intersections around Ciamis No. 4). This facilitates the search for the location name in alphabetical order according to the gps unit (for that you should buy at the store gps).

- Thing to help is to put it vertically on the dashboard so that it can quickly to save the location. Beware, this method is dangerous / not recommended. Use your own judgments, whether you are able to do or need help navigators.

- GPS will keep track of who passed automatically into the gps unit.

- Saved accuracy is in keeping with the antecedent sets, if the resolution is 200 m then it certainly is not as smooth as 20 m, for example.

- GPS will be able to show the direction and location of who is being traversed, match with a map that already in print whether the reply path less traveled more in keeping with the reply on the map, if necessary, give the necessary records.

- If you get lost do not need to worry because there is a 'backtrack' that will guide us back on track who have been through.

- Take the gps device and activate the 'activate backtrack'

- Gps devices will stop tracking, and enable the track who had previously saved automatically (back track)

- Some GPS units (such as m330, gps v) TSB has the ability to visually display the track, so we will easily follow the shape of the roads.

- After a track meet who we already know, then re-enable the GPS tool (set to 'deactivate backtrack') and any tool gps tracking back.

- Activate and deactivate this backtrack feature is quite helpful reply, Because if not the gps screen will be full of 'stray lines', back and forth so cluttered / confusing.

Magnetic compass
- Gps devices (usually get at the store gps) has an electronic compass in it, but it would be more practical and faster if we use a magnetic compass / compass rearview mirror in the car.

- Use if we get lost, and we can identify in which direction should we go, then the compass to be enough to help us to target direction (macro help). Gps tool providing track information, indicate whether we are just spinning-2 in a place or make a relatively straight line to the destination they will be (micro help).

- The rest is fun and enjoy in navigation, because otherwise there is a frustrating and stressful.

Another advantage of GPS Vehicle or asset that is mounted GPS Tracker you will always be monitored by GPS satellite locations spread across the earth. The use of satellites is free, and completely without charge.
Satellites will mengirimakan information "Location Car / Asset" into the GPS Tracker Module that we put on the car. The location is sent to the module always Realtime GPS Tracker (according to the current location).
Car owners can track / monitor the position of the car using Cellular Phone network, because Mobul GPS Tracker also comes with a card Mobile (GSM) to transmit the coordinate information
Coordinate information from the GPS Tracker Module can be read using a system such as System Offline and Online System

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