Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Gadgets legacy of Steve Jobs 'Change the World'

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has gone. But the figure of the creative and geniuses are leaving a legacy through his revolutionary invention. Here are five products Apple has changed the face of the technology industry, music and publishing.

1. iPod

October 2001, changed the face of the music industry with the launch palm-sized gadget called the iPod. Box-shaped portable music device that has a central round-scroll-wheel and small screen to select songs.

For the first time, the song can be added directly to the device from a computer. There has never been before digital music players. iPod also appeared as a fresh new products with the use that is not complicated. This product puts Apple as a player with a class of its own among other music devices.

The first iPod with 5GB and 10GB capacity options capable of storing 1,000 songs. The second generation iPod was launched in 2002 with a touch-sensitive scroll wheel. Throughout 2002, 600 thousand units sold selling iPods in late 2003 and sales reached 2 million units.

Apple's successful iPod sold 100 million units in April 2007, making it the fastest selling music device in history. Until now there are various versions of the iPod that Apple has released, among others, nano, shuffle and touch. More than 275 million iPods have been sold worldwide.

2. iTunes

In April 2003, almost simultaneously with the release of third-generation iPods, Apple launched its iTunes online music store that provides about 200 thousand songs.

Before the emergence of iTunes, as quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (07/10/2011) executives in the music industry failed to convince the success of the online music market. But now the idea is mated with the iPod's success, Steve Jobs proves that this is a very valuable market to be explored.

iTunes immediately scored success with selling one million songs in first week of release. Figures song downloads on iTunes continues to take off. In 2010, download songs on iTunes reached fantastic figures, 10 billion!

In the process, iTunes several times renewed. The most significant is the introduction of the service to buy and rent movies in 2008. Apple also recently announced that iTunes is now accessible on all devices as part of the step switch to the cloud.

3. iPhone

The first iPhone was launched in January 2007. This gadget directly catapulted Apple's name among the rivals who gush smartphone with multi-touch screen. A year later, the iPhone 3G was released and the Apple AppStore app store was launched.

July 2011, application downloads on the Apple AppStore reach 15 billion. While the iPhone was recorded up to now been successfully sold over 125 million units worldwide.

The day before Steve Jobs dies, on Tuesday this week, Apple has just launched the iPhone 4S with additional voice-control feature named Siri. Again, Apple is promising features will revolutionize the way people use mobile phones.

4. Mac

In front of thousands of delegates who was laughed at and doubted it was her idea, Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer - hereinafter known as the Mac - the first in January 1984. This device was originally a small white box shape in a bag and in its development, continues to evolve to become thin machine that we are seeing now.

A year after introducing the first Mac computers, Jobs made a surprise return with his invention called the mouse. Mac computer itself continues to evolve into two types of Apple computers, the iMac and MacBook. Now there are nearly 60 million Mac users worldwide.


Here it is a gadget that was popular at the moment. iPad, which is touted as the hybrid between a Mac and the iPhone, first released in 2010. Although relatively still in the growth stage, the iPad has been some success.

iPad so strongly accentuate its presence in markets where other tablet computers still looked doubtful. Other vendors arguably spend much of their time to find a way to beat Apple products on the market including the iPad.

This device was soon functioning well as a digital book. Many of the publication of newspapers and magazines create applications that allow readers to enjoy their content in digital version. Many say, iPad slowly changing publishing industry.

Until now, there have been two versions of the iPad was launched. A total of 28 million units have been sold well sold all over the world.


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