Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gmail New Design Leaked on the Internet

The video reveals the new design of Gmail leaked on the internet. At first glance, this design looks more 'clean' and simple.

In the video that was accidentally posted on YouTube by Google, it looks white color dominates here, so some elements such as 'starred' and 'important' stand out. At the very top there are also many additions does Google.

Referring to Jason Cornwell, UX designer on the Gmail team, new look is very different from an existing view.

In the face of the new Gmail, Google's co-presents the profile photo next to the name of the sender. This step seemed to follow the trail up the merge message, IM and email.

"Conversation in Gmail has been redesigned to improve readability and resembles a real conversation," he said Cornwell from HuffingtonPost, Friday (10/21/2011).

The new interface is created by Google is also able to automatically adjust the zoom with a wide range of window sizes and users can also manually resize the window size 'Labels' and 'Chat'.

Doing a search is also increasingly facilitated by direct access from the existing search box above the inbox. This new design does look more smooth and customized, but glance similar to the look of Facebook.


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