Sunday, October 23, 2011

Secrets of Spectacular Presentation by Steve Jobs

On October 5, 2011, the world is being hit by the excitement. The reason is not because there are buildings in New York or Palo Alto is bombed again, but because of a man who has just taken by Allah SWT, which is Steve Jobs. Yes Steve Jobs is not a Muslim, but there is so much good that can be drawn from the CEO of Apple on this one for the good of all Muslims, especially those that want to be entrepreneurs.

And one of them is Steve's way of presenting the presentation. In the following article, the author tries to explain some of the tricks that are often used by Steve Jobs in giving a presentation related to Apple products.

For those of you who like to follow the development of Apple and its products besutannya such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and the like, you surely know that one key to success in selling Apple products above are as cool or fantastic the CEO in promoting the goods these items at the launch event.

Not infrequently, a few spectators at the launch event was incredible impressed to the point of no objection to providing a long standing applause as they were in the event of major awards such as the delivery of nobel prize or something. It was super!

1. Use simple slide theme

In any action at the launch of Apple products, Steve seems to always use the theme slide that's it, namely a color slide presentation with a black top with dark blue silhouette at the bottom. But, instead of boring, this simple slide that actually helps the audiense to focus on overall product presentation.

And this is one plus the value of Steve Jobs because there are several speakers at the launch of a product that actually even like the look of a slide that crowded and busy eye. Depending on the purpose and to whom you give a presentation, you should pay particular attention to this problem.

2. Use a font that is clear and easy to read

Helvetica is a favorite of Steve Jobs, and so does Apple. On each occasion his presentation, Steve seems to always use these fonts in its slide. Helvetica is one of the benefits that are often not found in other fonts are on the "clarity" or clarity, both when displayed in small and large sizes.

If you are an amateur, sometimes you are tempted and moved to using the current font and weird as possible in order to attract the attention of listeners. Yet this is not something that can be justified.

3. Use words that are "hyperbole"

Have you ever heard of Steve Jobs released the following words repeatedly at the launch of its products; "Amazing", "Fantastic", "Awesome", "Magical", "Blown me away", and the like. Yup, you're right. Steve is frequently used words or phrases above to describe how great the features are owned by Apple products.

And sometimes the words of this kind you need to instill confidence in the audience or your prospective customers about the greatness of your product. Of course, with the expectation that the hearers and even then would later imitate tell you when this product to friends. "Oh yeah, this new iPhone just blown me away. I just could not speak no more. "

4. Repeat and repeat again

In order to effect these words had been getting hit hyperbolic in the liver and the neurons of your prospect, do not hesitate to say it repeatedly. In order not to seem boring, Steve usually repeat word hyperbolic in the time span of about 5 minutes or so after the end of the video or the explanation of his partner. This method is expected to prevent the audience from boredom because you often repeat the magic words earlier.

Always remember these words: "Amazing", "Fantastic", "Awesome", "Magical", "Blown me away". In the Indonesian language, we also have a counterpart. Do not believe? Try saying these words; cool, splashy, wonderful, magical, strange but true, and extraordinary. To make it more "excited" again. Hehehe, "magic" is not it?

5. Minimize the quantity of text, maximize on the statement

In each slide show Steve, who was born in 1955, tend to use as little text. The text in the slide only serves as a reminder only. While the explanation is in the head and the tip of Steve's own tongue. Thus, the audience would be difficult to turn his attention from Steve.

This is different when you use the text in the slides that appear in large portions and a lot of that will make the audience bored because they think you better look like someone who was reading rather than explain.

6. Feeling great, demokan!

Well this is the most important in a product launch. And apparently, this is also what makes Apple more valuable than other vendors in the world of information technology. When Apple held a product launch, Steve Jobs or his colleagues will be presenting their own entertainment, which are summarized along with a demo feature. Concrete example occurred in 2007 when the iPhone first launched.

At that time, Steve demonstrating how the iPhone can be used to view a map of the plan address the food and beverage stalls through the help of Google Maps. And fun, Steve demonstrating to the audience that the iPhone can also be used to call the shop directly through the interface that is still dominated by a floor plan map of the store earlier.

So what makes the rowdy audience? They are boisterous while giving applause for Steve to order food and drinks for people who are in the building where the event took place. Wow, no wonder the audience immediately cheered. Who the hell are not happy given free food and drinks.

7. Use video

For further explanation of certain features, Steve Jobs is more often hand over this task to a video clip. And this is a very good trick because if only a feature narrated too obvious and the nature of "dwell wide", then the audience will get bored and might fall asleep. This is exemplified by Steve when he presented the iPad 2.

To reveal the impact of what has been created by the iPad around the world, Steve invited the audience to enjoy the video duration can be between 4 to 7 minutes.

8. Make a comparison

As a company with a fanatical followers, Apple often makes explicit comparisons between their products with products made by other vendors in public. One example is when Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air as the thinnest laptop in the world, Steve is not afraid to compare it with the latest Apple products that are not lost to the thinness of the other leading technology vendors, Sony.

As long as it can be accounted for, I guess you also have the right to do this. But remember, you should also know that you do not have to embarrass you in front of competitors' products your supporters as is often done by Steve during this time. Understandably, it seems less Islamic. Moreover, without denigrating any competing product, people will actually tend to prefer our products as long as it does more good.

9. Do not tell me the bad news (which was mediocre)

During the presentation done, Steve Jobs always mention the success or achievement of the company. Rarely or maybe even never at all a bad news Steve or news mentions "mediocre" that descend Apple. Examples like this, at the launch iPad 2, Steve also revealed that the iBooks application has become a place for users to download the channel not less than 100 million books.

In addition, men who loved Mercedes and Porsche cars is also revealed that Apple have saved approximately 200 million credit card accounts of members around the world. Of course, things like this will help to make the listener at the same time your prospect will be more excited to be part of the company that you built.

10. Tell the audience to try it yourself

And this is the final stage, so that the audience was truly amazed and could feel the magical effects of goods made by your company, you should not hesitate to ask them to try to direct these products. As long as they try, let them do anything as long as it's positive as pressing the outside of the product, lifting it up and down, record it with a video or take pictures for republishing on blogs or sites owned by them. Ah, you'd have to imagine a free marketing efforts is not it?

written by: Wim Permana, S. Kom.

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